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Rental Listings

Rental listings are available in Granada or Leon here in Nicaragua.

Rental Listings in the colonial cities of Nicaragua. Find colonial homes, homes, apartments, condo units, oceanview homes, and beach homes all in one site!

Our colonial homes range in size from two bedrooms to six bedrooms, with or without a swimming pool or garage.

Beach homes range in size listings from two bedrooms to five bedrooms, with or without a swimming pool or access to the beach.

The available apartment/condo units include one or two bedrooms, with or without a community pool or garage.

Plan your dream vacation in Nicaragua with our fully furnished rental properties in the cities of Granada and Leon.

– Would you like to rent for the short or long term?

• Short or long-term bookings depending on availability. Long-term rentals receive more discounted rates.

– Are you a homeowner or investor? Would you like to hire our services?

Our company manages properties for property owners or developers. We handle all types of properties and ensure they are well-maintained. Our team handles day-to-day operations so you can focus on your business.

• Chech here → *Property Management*

– Are you considering moving to Nicaragua? Are you interested in purchasing a colonial-style home or another type of property?

Purchase your dream home with one of Nicaragua’s top real estate companies. Find colonial homes, modern homes, quinta homes, farms, ocean-view properties, investment properties, and much more.

• Check here → *Nicaragua Real Estate Team*

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