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About Nicaragua

Nicaragua, in the past few years, has placed itself in the top five vacation destinations for Latin America. The people are warm and friendly, the countryside is beautiful and diverse and prices are extremely affordable. Nicaragua, above all, has been determined the safest country in Central America.

Located north of Costa Rica and south of Honduras, Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. Although is has been plagued by misfortune, the country is slowly coming into its own. Real estate development along the southern Pacific coast is in high gear and we are seeing more and more projects for the coming year.

Investors, as well as travelers, are seeing the potential of this country and business is booming. The election of Daniel Ortega has not had much effect on the real estate or tourism markets and hopes are high that the investments will continue. Developments in all areas of Nicaragua are in the works. From the mountains of Jinotega to the shores of Chinandega, things are happening in this beautiful country.

Managua, the capital, holds one million of the five million people living in the country. The international airport is located here, only 45 minutes from Granada. Nicaragua has an abundance of volcanoes, which in turn, provides rich volcanic soil perfect for producing coffee, the country’s largest export. Fish and beef are the second largest export but tourism is slowly pushing these aside.


Whether your interests lie in architecture, shopping, boating or simply getting into the tree line we have great options to make your vacation remarkable!

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